Alleyway Theatre accepts submissions of new plays and musicals throughout the year
you may enter your work in our annual Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition.
Send submissions via US Mail only to:
Literary Manager, Alleyway Theatre, 1 Curtain Up Alley, Buffalo, NY 14202.


Our annual play competition is conducted in memory of actor/playwright Maxim Mazumdar (1953-1988.)  Mr. Mazumdar’s many contributions to the early growth of the Alleyway were artistically invaluable, and instrumental in shaping a continuing relationship with Canadian theatre. It was at Alleyway Theatre in March, 1988 that Mr. Mazumdar gave his last performance in the premiere of his original musical, LUPERCAL.

To make application View/Print-CompetitionGuidelines: MMCompGuidelines

For your information: View/Print-StandardProductionAgreement: SPAgreement

Winners And Finalists Are Announced Each November 1.

Announced November 1, 2016:

Full Length Winner

LILY’S BLUE by David Alan Brown
(Will receive its premiere in Alleyway’s 2017-18 season.)

Full Length Finalists

BEN & MINDY GET DIRTY by Susan Champagne
BEGGAR OF BETHESDA by Colin Speer Crowley

 One Act Winner

GUNS AND ROSES by Mike Randall
(Will receive its premiere as part of Alleyway’s Buffalo Quickies, February/March, 2016.)

One Act Finalists

PURSUING JULIET by Anna Kay France
DARK STAR by Madeline Lowe Puccioni