Mazumdar Entry 2020

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A single PDF submission packet must include the following items, in this order. Submissions which do not comply, or fail to meet the following, will not be considered. Each of the first 5 requirements are a single page each. The full script should begin on page 6 of your PDF. -- Page 1: Title page with author name and contact information -- Page 2: Cover Letter. One page maximum, discussing your artistic pov, and detailing why your play fits with the mission and history of Alleyway and should be produced in our season. -- Page 3: One page including a short synopsis of your play, and a character breakdown. -- Page 4: One page listing any developmental history, including readings, workshops, etc. -- Page 5: One page playwright bio -- Page 6+: The script -- Musical submissions must include a link to sample audio files. This URL should be included on Page 1 of the PDF. -- The PDF file must be saved using the following filename format: PlayTitle_LastNameFirstName_Category.pdf, where Category is Short, Full, or Digital. Submissions which do not have the correct filename or PDF format will not be accepted.
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Entry in the Maxim Mazumdar New Play Competition is understood as an indication of the playwright's willingness, in the event of winning, to grant first production rights to Alleyway Theatre. Selection as Winner requires the playwright's prior commitment to grant first production rights under the terms of Alleyway Theatre's Standard Production Agreement (additional terms will not be negotiated). By entering this script into the competition, I am confirming that is has not had a previous professional production. I further agree that I am submitting no more than 1 script per category per submission year.